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Michael Busch, author of BE THE BOSS, is a seasoned entrepreneur who has started many businesses, including creating an international franchise company. In the book, he shares his expertise (and sometimes lack thereof) in an Ebook and Soft Cover formats. You can click here to order the Ebook for just $9.99 or purchase the Soft Cover for $16.95.

The 21st century will experience unparalleled growth in entrepreneurial business ownership. We are in the throes of a technology-driven globalization that is not only ever-changing, but promises to be central to our economic development for the foreseeable future. Gone are the days in which someone could enter into a lifelong career with one company and rely on pension benefits for a comfortable retirement. Every respected economist tells us that job creation in the U.S. will continue to come primarily from small business growth. This means that the number of people seeking “the great American dream” of owning their own business is at record levels.

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This book has been written to give you the keys to successful business ownership — and to help you reduce risk.  Owning your own business enables you to control your own destiny! As a business owner, you are empowered to rise or fall on your own business decisions. No longer are you subjected to the whims of corporate management.  No longer are decisions made by consensus of the many. No longer are you at the mercy of the next meeting or teleconference call. The success of your business lies squarely on your shoulders. As you grow and add more employees or associates, you also assume the daunting responsibility of controlling their future. It should never be forgotten that a good manager furthers the careers of his or her employees, and a bad manager puts those same people out on the street looking for jobs.
In this book we will cover the basic principles of business formation, strategic thinking, plan execution, sales and marketing, and financing. These fundamentals will apply to any type of business you choose. We will also discuss the unique needs of new businesses, existing businesses, and franchises.